Private tutoring

This is the best way to learn, as lessons can be geared to students’ individual skill levels and weaknesses.  Most of our coaches are willing to coach one or two students at a time (and, in some cases, small groups) at very reasonable rates.  All our tutors have gone through security screening by the District and teach in our clubs .

If you are interested, please get in touch with them and make your own arrangements.  Contact information follows.  Numbers in parenthesis are their rates for one and two students.


IM Florin Felecan (Indian Trail) (40/60)  847-401-0900 ffelecan2000@yahoo.com

FM Gauri Shankar Manoj [Rates $35-50/hr]  224-766-6709  grandmastergauri@gmail.com

Jonathan Kogen  (25/35) 847- 412-8686   141kogenj@student.dist113.org

Robby Rasmussen (45) 847-220-2542  rrasmussen@nssd112.org

Leo Vilker (25/35) 847-401-5800 leovilker@comcast.net

Eric Emer (25/35)  847-602- 2086  emericaism@gmail.com

John DuBois (25/35) 847-432-3650 johnnybooks@comcast.net

Richard Milnamow  (847) 409-1140  Rbrunom@aol.com

Phillip Yontez  (25/35) 847-942-2172 phillip_yontez@yahoo.com

Jonathan Hrach  (20/30)  847-831-5604 c/o father Oskar: Confetti_party@msn.com

Eli Elder (15/20)  (847) 266-8834   shmelder333@gmail.com