October 27, 2017

Welcome to HPChess!

Our clubs at Indian Trail, Oak Terrace and Lincoln have opened, but all accept new members during the year.  As in the past, each club offers instruction at multiple skill levels.

Contact your club directors if you have questions. 

Mark your calendars:  I have listed below the dates of Highland Park tournaments as well as the state scholastic championships sponsored by the Illinois Chess Association.  Details on these events are on the ICA Events page, http://il-chess.org/index.php/tournaments-all

Illinois All Grade — Saturday, November 11, 2017, Peoria (kids in grades K-8 play against others in their grade only; HS sections will depend on signups)

Illinois Class — Sunday, November 19, 2017 Lisle (cash prizes, and trophies for those in under 1200 section)

Highland Park #1 — Saturday, Dec. 9th (Edgewood Middle School) (rated and unrated sections)

Highland Park #2 — Saturday, Feb. 17th (HP High School)  (rated and unrated sections)

Illinois K-8 — March 10-11, 2018, Schaumburg (usually the biggest K-8 youth event of the year; kids play in grade groups)

Highland Park #3 — Saturday, April 28th (Northwood Middle School) (rated and unrated sections)

Highland Park Tournaments are good starter tournaments for beginners, but also have USCF-rated advanced sections for stronger players.  Our players are also invited to play in tournaments hosted by Highland Park High School which feature game reviews by top Illinois players.  We know of no events elsewhere in the state featuring this format.  Players from outside the district are permitted to attend both types of tournaments.

Drop-in Chess at the Highland Park Library:  The dates of the library sessions are posted in the section “Our Clubs and Library Programs.”

Success in competition.  Highland Park players and teams continue to distinguish themselves in competition.  In the eight years our program has been running, our players have won 72 individual and 30 team awards at Illinois state championships and hundreds of other awards at other tournaments.  Many of our players move on to play on the excellent Highland Park High School team, which took 4th place in the state last year.

Our coaches.  We continue to have an outstanding group of coaches headed by Gauri Shanker Manoj (rated 2443), who teaches our district’s most advanced students.  Each club has multiple coaches so that kids can learn at appropriate skill levels.

Want more details about youth chess in Illinois?  The Illinois Chess Association (ICA) has put together content considered by some to be among the best in the nation.  The content is designed to foster the development of new clubs, provide an overview of youth chess in the state, and provide resources for parents, principals, coaches, and club directors.   Go to www.il-chess.org and click the “Youth Chess” button.  The content includes detailed guides on starting a youth chess program and on tournament play; a list of recommended curricula, including software and websites; an updated summary of the research on the value of chess; profiles of community-wide programs in Illinois; a summary of the major youth tournaments in the state; and lists of Illinois’ past youth champions.  (Top current players are listed in the Warren Program section.)  But there’s much more.  Content from the site can be downloaded in pdf format.

Chicago Public Schools initiative.  Some of you know that I’ve been involved in a long effort to upgrade the chess program in Chicago’s Public Schools.  I’ve helped organize the new Chicago Chess Foundation, designed to focus on schools and students in need.

Scheduling problems? Some kids are unable to attend particular clubs because of schedule conflicts with other after-school activities, but we can usually accommodate these kids in another club with a different schedule.  We’ll be glad to help you find a suitable club.  Registration forms for all clubs appear (or will shortly appear) in their respective sections of this website.

Is your child ready for more?  Consider our Tutors program. Most of our coaches do private tutoring for individuals or small groups, and approximately 30 kids in the district took advantage of this opportunity during the past year.  See “Resources/Tutors.”

Thanks to the many volunteers, especially our club directors, who contribute so much to our program!

Jerry Neugarten